Assata Shakur – The Nation Piece

I believe the Nation piece would be written very differently if the Assata Shakur incident occurred today, a lot has changed since then. It seems that lately every day there is something new in the news about terrorists or shootings involving police officers and African Americans. Information is passed on literally to your fingertips. I recently received an emergency alert on my smartphone letting me know that Ahmad Khan Rahami was wanted and by time I got to work he was captured. The media would have so much more information with cameras posted everywhere. We are able to see from dashboard cameras placed on police vehicles exactly what happened. Maybe Assata Shakur’s innocence would have been proven if there was a video or pictures to show she did actually have her hands up and did not kill state trooper Werner Foerster. Kairos is very crucial in deciding if a person is guilty or innocent or if they escape they can be found much quicker.

For this piece, we had focused on how effective kairos would be for the article we read. Reflecting back on this piece, I would have also mentioned the black lives matter movement which is present today and how that would effect the Assata Shakur case. I would have also delved into the US Constitution and the lack of freedom of speech that was given to Assata Shakur which lead her to escape from prison.