Gulcan ortac

English 21002

Reflective Essay

Reflecting back on this semester, I am glad to have taken this particular blended learning writing class. The class has broadened my knowledge on how to write effectively. Our first day of class we were asked to email our professor along with a classmate our initial thoughts of this class. I was eager to learn new ways on how to write and critique my work as well as other writers work, this class definitely accomplished this goal. In the short period of time, I learned how to effectively use the rhetorical triangle to improve on how to persuade my audience. We had a private class training at the CCNY library on how to conduct different types of research. Our class frequently participated in peer reviews both online and in class discussions, this was very helpful and made us see the different thoughts and perspectives others had and shed light and new meaning on topics. Lastly, the most important thing that I learned and take away from this class is knowing your audience.

Who is your audience is among the first questions I have learned to ask myself when I begin writing a piece of work. I’ve learned that by knowing your audience you can craft your paper to grab your readers attention most effectively. The rhetorical triangle can be most effective when you use ethos, pathos, logos and/or kairos. Using ethos will give the audience credibility with facts and statistics, pathos will play a big role in grabbing your audiences emotions with visuals or personal stories, while logos will bring more of a logical point of view to your story. Kairos is not always thought of in the rhetorical triangle but can also be very effective in you’re writing piece as timing is sometimes very crucial and can help your audience understand a situation much better. There are many ways to conduct research and having a class  tutorial at the CCNY library was very helpful. I learned how to access the many free databases available to me such as academic one file, academic search complete and jstor to name a few. These databases have an abundance amount of scholarly articles and they also provide you with all different citations, which our class focused on MLA style citation. Throughout the course, we participated in weekly peer reviews. Peer reviews were very helpful in understanding what others thought of our writing and allowed the us ability to critically think and critique and help improve our writings. Since this was a blended learning class, most of our work was done on Blackboard. I’ve used blackboard before but never to this extent. We used Blackboard to take quizzes, upload assignments, post writings on discussion board and have peer participation. Blackboard is also a useful tool for small group assignments which we also demonstrated in this course.

I believe I have gained very much from this class as I compose my writings. I find myself reading and editing my work often and only see more improvements throughout the drafts. This was my first blended class and I enjoyed the flexibility very much. This class allowed me to work on assignments at my own pace whether it be day or night. I also enjoyed the days when we had face to face interaction because we had the chance to interact with our peers and have group discussions on all types of topics. If any questions or issues came up, the professor was easily accessible via blackboard or email and we always had the opportunity to ask questions or provide comments in class since other students may have the same questions. Overall, I had a great experience with this class and if this type of class was offered for any other subjects that I need to take I would not miss the opportunity.